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Martini & Rossi Fiero

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$29.95 750 mL Bottle
15% ABV / Liguria, Italy / Bacardi Canada Inc.

Martini Fiero is perfect for time with friends. This wine based aperitif is a blend of citrus and bittersweet orange with botanicals. Its fiery colour and zesty fruit flavours are 100% natural and are the result of a careful, considered blending process by our Master Blender Beppe Musso.

Tasting Notes

Martini Fiero is perfect for cocktail-making. Its vibrant orange colour is followed by notes of bittersweet orange, pink grapefruit and spice. The palate is medium-bodied and sweet, with a delicately bitter finish.

Serving Suggestion

Martini Fiero makes a delicious, refreshing spritz cocktail when combined with Martini Prosecco and soda.

Fiero Spritz:
75ml Martini Fiero
75ml Martini Prosecco
Soda water
Blood Orange Wheel

Pack a balloon glass with ice. Pour in an equal ratio of Martini Fiero and Martini Prosecco. Top with Soda water. Stir gently for a few moments. Garnish with the blood orange wheel.


Bitters, Bitters/Herbs, Herbal Bitters, Liqueur, Liqueur/Liquor, Liquor, Other, S - Sweet, Warm & Herbal

Martini & Rossi Fiero Info

Sugar Content: 168 g/L
Sweetness: S - Sweet
Manufacturer: Bacardi Canada Inc.
Availability: Check

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