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We've provided our services to thousands of Ontarian's since we opened our doors in 2001. Here are some things people have said about us:

I clicked order, and it was at my door in 15 minutes!! I'm amazed! - Grant - Ottawa

This has made my life so much easier! Why didn't someone think of this earlier!" - Mike - Toronto

"One word. Wow!" - Julie - Mississauga

The variety is all there, the prices are just right, and the service is amazing! - Amber - Mississauga

A great idea! - Steve - Hamilton

Worked great! I "clicked here" and got "my beer"! - Liam - Burlington

A great service, and a great idea. Good job! - Teddy - Brampton

Why wasn't this done earlier? I could've used this in University! - Matt - Toronto

Great Site! Easy to find your favorite beer and lots of variety. - Cynthia - Hamilton

More convienient for me than to drive to the local store! - Nick - Mississauga

HOMERUN Delivery ROCKS!!!! - Ross - Toronto

I'm blind, and this service is great for me! Thanks Beer Guy! - Cybill - Toronto

My car broke down, and I could still get my beer! - Willy - Hamilton

I really didn't think this would work, but it totally does. I'm sold for life! - Tim P. - Oakville

14 inches of snow outside, HOMERUN Delivery still delivered! - Chuck - Toronto

I didn't miss any poker. Thanks Beer Guy! - Derek - Burlington

You brought my beer, can you bring the Stanley Cup to Canada? - Kelvin K. - Waterloo

D- in Physics! A+ for HOMERUN Delivery! - Jay - Toronto

I just don't have the same amount of shopping time! Thank god for this site! - Jay - Toronto

Why didn't someone think of this earlier? - Bobby - Markham

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