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How to order alcohol

Many house partiers are disappointed when the booze runs out. So what does a person do next?

You may want to switch to another house, or hit up a local bar or club, but finally there is a better option available for everyone. People can order more beer, liquor, or wine ONLINE. Your order will be there within ONE hour of ordering, so when you notice you're starting to run low, go to and place an order for more! It's that simple!

We do not mark up any prices on any alcohol on our site - it's the same if you went to the LCBO or Beer Store yourself. A local licensed liquor delivery company will be delivering your order, and their delivery fee will be added to your order. This fee is regulated by the Alcohol and Gaming commission of Ontario (AGCO), and is based on a geographic area. For a complete list of our delivery charges, please see Delivery Rates

Our service hours differ depending on where you order from, and is based on the hours of your local Beer Store or LCBO. Please see our Delivery Hours for more information.

Our service is great for those who do not have access to a car, want the convenience, do not feel like braving the outside weather, simply live too far from the LCBO or The Beer Store, or have already had a few drinks and cannot drive. Our step by step process will allow you to get the alcohol you desire in as little hassle as possible. Simply give us your name and address, choose your desired brands of alcohol, and click check out!

It's that easy, so Get Started Today!

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